Becky Hornyak, Indexer 


  • Indexer of over 1,300 books
  • Generalist, having indexed many types of books, and in many fields
  • Freelance indexer since 1997
  • In-house indexer, 1996-1997
  • Positions in health, mental health, aging, and disabilities fields
  • Master of Arts, Ball State University, Muncie, IN
  • Bachelor of Arts, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN


White Fringed Phacelia on Porter's Creek Trail, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee. 



What Clients Are Saying:

While repeat business is the best recommendation, it's always nice to hear feedback such as the following:
"I cannot imagine how I ever could have produced anything like this--now I truly understand the line from Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle about never indexing your own book." J.P., Author, 2017
"I think this does an excellent job of capturing the main concepts, places, figures, etc., and the cross-referencing between subject headings is especially impressive." C.B., Author, 2017
"I am so grateful to you for spotting mistakes in time that neither I nor my copy-editor noticed." R.L., Author, 2017
"Thank you for your excellent, professionally skillful work." A.S., Author, 2017
"You have done a fabulous job on the index. Not only have you picked out important themes, you have also revealed the book's veritable army of names. Thank you for a beautiful job." R.S., Author, 2016
"The index is fantastic. You did a great job culling out the most important themes. It was surreal for me to see my book disembodied but complete in the indexed words." A.L., Author, 2016 

"You're always my first-choice indexer..." A.B., Production Editor, 2015

"As you may have guessed, you have been my favorite indexer, and I tended to seek  your help first for authors who needed indexers. I knew that I would always get a well-balanced index--enough detail but not too much--that had a logical, consistent construction but did not slavishly follow formulae; and I knew it wouldn't require hours and hours of editing." A.W., Production Editor, upon retirement, 2014

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