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Stand-alone Indexes

Using CINDEX dedicated indexing software, I can create an index from PDF files, following style guidelines from the press. I then export the index to Microsoft Word or RTF format. 


Embedded Indexes using Microsoft Word

Index codes are placed directly into a Word document and coded terms are compiled into an index after the document has been laid out and page numbers have been set. At that point, the document may need to be returned in its entirety for editing of the index.






Please contact me to discuss rates.

In general, projects requiring more analysis, more depth of indexing, and/or more index entries per page will be charged higher rates. Number of words per page and size of page are also considerations.

The basic rate is based on a trade book with 3-5 index entries per page for a subject index only; 5-7 entries per page for a scholarly index. Sample pages may be evaluated for an estimate of the per page rate. 

Author or name index, in addition to subject index: Additional fee per page depending on number of names per page.

Rush job: Additional fee per page.

Authors may be required to pay 50% of estimated fee in advance (at time page proofs are received by indexer).

Proposals for projects provided upon request.



Contact me:



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